Frequently asked Questions

The tennis committee hope the guidance helps reduce misunderstandings about what is expected of tennis members of all ages. We are aware that not every eventuality is covered by the above guidance but we expect all members to be respectful of each other and remember it is important that everyone gets a chance to enjoy their tennis at Woodend.


Are there lockers available to tennis members?

There are a few lockers available for tennis players. These can be used while on court, they should not be used for long-term storage of equipment. A £1 coin inserted into locker enables the key to be removed for the duration of a game.

Are there rules about the bowling green?

Yes, everyone should keep off the Bowling Green and the savannah surrounding the green and if you require access to the green to retrieve a ball, the white steps should be used.

Can I bring a non-member to play?

Non-members can be brought as guests of an adult or intermediate member 3 times per year; thereafter they are encouraged to join the club. Non-members are not permitted on court at busy times.

Can I enter any competitions?

There are a series of competitions throughout the year, check the website, emails and notice board regularly for details.

Can I play during coaching sessions?

Two courts are always available for members to play even when coaching is scheduled or during holiday tennis camps.

Can I play on match nights?

When a competition match (whether club or inter club) is being played, play can continue on adjoining courts providing that play does not disturb the match.

When a competition match (whether club or inter club) is being played only 4 players maximum are allowed on any of the remaining courts.

Can I purchase balls / tennis equipment at the club?

Used match balls can often be purchased from the coach or from behind the bar (£1). Also for good deals on sports equipment speak to the coach. Sportswear with the club logo can be ordered from the Purple Rock Catalogue (available in the bar area).

Can I use the shower facilities?

The shower facilities are available to all members whenever the club is open, access to clubhouse is by using the fob entry system.

How can I find someone to play with?

Adults and intermediates are welcome to come to social tennis on a Thursday evening commencing at 7.45pm (8.45pm on match nights). Note: all courts may be used for social tennis if large numbers turn up to play. There is a small fee charged for social tennis.

How can I pay for floodlights?

Tokens can be purchased for 50p from behind the bar and then inserted into the box fixed to the brick store in front of court 3.

How do I find out what is on in the club?

Information about coaching, mini tennis, social events and the calendar of team matches can all be found on the club website.

How do I get involved in tennis teams?

Attend coaching, speak to the club coach and he will forward the names of suitable players to the team captains.

Junior members who wish to play in teams must attend coaching, junior team selection is the responsibility of the club coach who selects on the basis of suitability to represent the club, ability and attendance at coaching.

How do I join the club?

Download an application form from our website Membership Page or pick up a form from the club bar. Post the completed form to the club for the attention of the membership secretary along with your cheque. Membership cards should be carried at all times and are essential to indicate that those on court are tennis members.

How do I reserve a court?

All members (adults/intermediates/juniors) wishing to play on court at any time must insert their membership card on the board and set the time play starts on the clock. Members cannot book court time in advance: cards should be put on the board when players arrive to play.

If a member does not have their card but is playing with other members who have placed their cards on the board and those members can vouch the membership of the non-card carrying player(s) then play can continue.

If all courts are busy, there is a queuing system and members should insert their card in the next available numbered slot along the bottom of the board to indicate that they are waiting for the next available court.

How late can I play in the evening?

Courts should be cleared between 10.00pm and 10.30pm.

How long can I play?

When members are waiting, time on court should be one hour maximum.

Members playing club championship matches and inter-club matches may play until the match is completed.

Is coaching available?

There is a comprehensive coaching programme for juniors, adult beginners and improvers. Check website for details. Coaching can be paid for in a block or on a pay as you go basis and is available to non-members. The approximate cost is £5 per hour for group coaching. In addition, private lessons can be arranged by speaking to the coach.

What are the rules on court?

Normal court etiquette rules apply at Woodend eg closing court gates, no running onto another court to retrieve your ball when a rally is in progress, no shouting, spitting, swearing, firing balls into the netting, no leaning on the nets (this puts strain on the end posts) etc. The general rule is to respect others on court and look after the fabric of the grounds.

What are the rules regarding Juniors?

Juniors are encouraged to play tennis after school.

Young children members should be supervised by an adult while on court.

The numbers on each court must be restricted to 4 unless players on adjoining courts agree to allow a larger number of juniors/intermediates to play “coaching drills”.

No more than 4 players should go onto the court until agreement from the players on adjoining courts is reached.

At any time if play on any court is being disturbed by a large group of juniors/intermediates, then the large group can be required to reduce to 4 players.

Juniors not on court are permitted to play on the grassy area at the front of the clubhouse. No cycling or use of scooters is permitted around the clubhouse.

What should I wear on court?

Sports clothes and tennis trainers with non-marking soles are essential for all members. Under no circumstances should hard-soled shoes be worn on court. Football tops and are not permitted and jeans should not be worn on court.

Who has priority on court?

All age groups have equal priority before 7pm.

Adult members have priority after 7pm. This means that junior/intermediates require to leave the court if adults are waiting to play. Juniors /intermediates can only play after 7pm if no adults are waiting to play.

Coaching, inter-club matches, social tennis on Thursday evenings and club organised American Tournaments have priority over other games.

Mini-tennis has priority on two courts between 5-7pm on a Sunday evening (except when there is a club match), the other three courts are available for members to use at this time.

Club championship games do not have priority over other games.

Members playing on court where no membership cards are on the board have no priority over members who have cards.

Adults playing with children after 7pm do not have priority over juniors/intermediates.

Adults cannot book court time for juniors/intermediates.